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Wedding Shoes - 5 Things to Consider For the Plus Size Bride.

I know one thing I wish there was more thought to my wedding was the wedding shoes. I had found a very nice pair of satin ballet shoes style. I'm tall and my husband, well … not so high. I tried that and they did fit, but really do not consider the fact that I was going to spend a lot of time on my feet, walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, dancing at the reception, etc. .. . Not only that, but when you're a plus size bride is even more challenging to stand for long periods of time, especially in the wrong shoes. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you choose the shoes wedding day wisely. 1. If you have never worn high heels in her life, her wedding day is not the best time to test it. Yes they are nice, but there are plenty of flat-heeled shoes on, they are so beautiful. 2. About ten days or so before the big day, got his new shoes and walk in them a little each day to break in, do not use to go shopping or anywhere where I could get dirty or damaged, around the inside your home.

3. Consider adding a pair of orthopedic shoes to the wedding. Now have some mix very well in open toe shoes or sandals of style. 4. Could be a good idea to take along an extra pair of shoes you wear and that you know are comfortable. Change them at reception if you plan to do a lot of high-steppin '. 5. Do not forget to choose the right shoes for the venue of your wedding. Outdoors in a grassy area that has moisture can stain certain shoes. (Not to mention the bottom of her wedding dress). The same goes for the beach. You can definitely find the perfect pair of wedding shoes to be stylish and comfortable. You really can have both if you plan ahead. Jackie Shumpert is the owner of several websites and blogs. If you found this article useful, please visit: Plus Size Wedding Dress Plus - Find the Perfect.

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