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The Various Features of Mardi Gras Party Masks

Carnival is a celebration that begins in the different regions of the world or around the Epiphany and ends on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. It is characterized by excessive nature and behavior is considered unacceptable by normal standards. Therefore, people walk in fancy dress and costumes with their skin painted and / or the use of masks of Mardi Gras masks.These often based on the costume masks that have been around for over six centuries. They are highly decorated with feathers and sequins. Some are attached to the head, while those who do not expect to participate in some of the most wild and forbidden their masks can be mounted sticks.The masks may cover the entire face or only cover the eyes and nose. Regardless of the coverage provided, the masks are ornate enough that they manage to hide your identity completely, while worn.The Mardi Gras festival is especially popular in cultures that are predominantly Catholic. It should be noted that the parties marking the beginning and end of the party is in the Catholic calendar. Fat Tuesday is the last day before the start of Lent, a period during which the person agrees to give up something he / she values. During the festival, especially on Fat Tuesday, revelers enjoy many activities that are frowned upon at best, considered all bad worst.The masks conceal the identity of the celebrants. They allow individuals who delight in these activities, without remorse or fear of being recognized by members of the clergy. Fortunately, most are content with only minor sins such as fornication or adultery. Mortal sins are still not acceptable behavior, despite anonymity.People may choose to use or buy their Mardi Gras masks. Many prefer to build their own masks, because then you can coordinate with their outfits completely. The other option requires them to create their costume around the mask you bought so that all are equal. The homemade masks are also likely to be much more ornate of which one may ask. They are also more singular. No mass production practices these.People go to the carnival wear masks as part of their celebration. The masks were adopted as a means of hiding their identity so they can mingle with people of all classes and participate in immoral acts before the penitential season of the Catholic calendar.

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