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Obama Surges Ahead, Clinton Cries

With only a few hours to go before Super Tuesday, Democrat Barack Obama ratings in the polls soared, while Hillary Clinton was about to mourn. For most voters, Clinton used to seeing as quite difficult, even in cold, which was a surprise to see a very different side to it. It happened while Clinton was visiting Yale University, where he had been a student in 1970. Tired of having campaigned tirelessly for days and nights, Clinton was seen to wipe a tear from his eye. Questions were asked: Were the tears real? They were a smart-and perhaps desperate ploy to win votes for her? Or is that Hillary, for once really let our guard down for a look at your emotional side? "Well, I said I would not break, we're not exactly in the way," Clinton said an emotional as well as news of Obama's surge came through. Obama, meanwhile, addressed a rally in New Jersey. Increasingly popular in the state that is considered a stronghold of the Clintons, Obama drew applause and even drew comments mocking Clinton for his call for change, "If you go to be with me in New Jersey, tomorrow , if you vote for me, if you discard the fear and doubt and cynicism … not just win in New Jersey, we'll win in the nation on Tuesday. "He said, addressing a crowd 4,500 strong. The former president, Bill Clinton, standing firmly behind his wife, answered a question on Obama to "Give me a break. This is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen. "

The latest polls predict a close finish neck to neck between Obama and Clinton. Clinton held a 45 percent to 44 in a U.S. Today / Gallup national poll, while a CNN / Opinion Research national survey had her leading Obama 49 percent to 46 percent. The Clinton campaign, Doug Hattaway, said: "" In this general election, opinion polls have been all over the map. There are battlegrounds stretching from Massachusetts to California, so it could be a real nail biting. "The Obama campaign, David Plouffe, also played down his position." We hope that Senator Clinton to earn more delegates on February 5, and also to win more states, "said Obama campaign manager David Plouffe , in a memo. Unlike the Democrats who are engaged in a melee, among Republicans, Senator John McCain may be on the verge of a landslide for the Republican nomination. The veteran Arizona senator, speaking to reporters in Massachusetts, said: "I am cautiously optimistic." Romney, however, was unwilling to contemplate defeat. Speaking at a campaign rally in Nashville, Tennessee, said, "This is going to come to a real battle and I think I will win."

However, Romney may have reason to worry. A recent poll showed that McCain was up and forward at 42 percent, with its closest contender, Mitt Romney, following behind at 24 percent, followed by Mike Huckabee, in a dismal 18 percent. Find more in the U.S. presidential election 55th Quadrennial 2008, held on November 4, 2008.

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