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Mardi Gras Costume - Discover the 3 Best Mardi Gras Costume Ideas

Costumes are not just for Halloween! However, for many people who have yet to experience Fat Tuesday, may be mistaken in thinking about Mardi Gras costume right for you. This article will give three general ideas to get you on your way to pick up your Carnival costume.Idea # 1Royalty: Many of the costumes you see people wearing in the French Quarter on Fat Tuesday are based on the way French royalty dressed for masquerade balls. Marie Antoinette and her court ladies of the costumes are very popular and fun to wear. You will be dressed in elaborate masks wigs and masks ball. Also the court jester costumes are very popular too. There are quite a few varieties only sets buffoon. You can be a sexy clown, a buffoon crazy, even a bad clown. It could also be king for a day in the style of the 18th century (think of some of the 'Louis) or simply adorn yourself with a cape and crown and was set.Idea # 2Halloween: If you wear for Halloween, you can use for the carnival! Do you dress like a ladybug, fairy or superhero, cartoon character or a clown for Halloween? Then you can bust out the Fat Tuesday costume as well! And there's nobody to stop you if you want to dress like a ghost or a witch Idea # 3Drag: men dressed as women and women dress as men are common occurrences for the carnival. In fact, there are even more important costume contests in the French Quarter of the same. If you want a chance to see how the other half lives (or at least dress), then the Mardi Gras is your chance! As with all previous ideas can add a sexy twist that is modest or even silly and crazy. Fat Tuesday is a time for fun and let your hair down. What you put on that suit free spirit is the right costume for you. So do not think twice - just pick what you like and have fun!

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