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How to Buy a Wedding Dress

Desperate, with just days left to my second wedding, I can convince my younger sister elegant help me find something discreet and elegant, not frothy and smooth. Mimi lined up in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach stores, then kissed his fingertips as a chef of 5 stars "You'll have the perfect sweet morning." The next day, full of relief, and equipped Piqué in the immaculate white Chanel sunglasses and I pick-up of Mimi in a bright white convertible ready to compress this task on my to-do list. "Detour" Mimi jumps in the use of a color change to pink, with long blond hair in a ponytail. "The dog died and we have to pick it up at the vet and bury in the backyard of Nana." Your bracelet jingles while closing the car door. "It should not take long." Mimi pushes a CD of the Beach Boys and quickly-moving, California Girls. I turn on the ignition and looked stunned. "What?" He shrugs. "He was a rescue dog incontinence who enjoyed a long life, in poor condition." She surfs his hand. "Go." In the building of whitewashed concrete blocks, a teenager with greasy hair and an iPod pushes a cart of aluminum for the car. Buddy the dog is in the car involved in visquine and stiff as a silver tray of drinks. Its tail points out, as the whistles of their fellow signal.The address Jimmie Hendrix and angles the dog in the back small, then gives the car a couple of slaps strong and we reach half salute.We our grandmother's house and walk-in with the dog of a package. "No you girls very pretty," says Nana, looking at our package. "We're going to Beverly Hills to find a wedding dress Suzanne. And Buddy died. "Mimi music changes the favorite aunt of Frank Sinatra record Simmie. "Since we do not have a yard, thought to be buried in a patch of land down the alley," she nods her head in the image window. "Do not you dare!" Aunt Simmie rockets-up from the couch and she just lit waves fresh menthol. "Animals will dig it!" Chilla ". Simmie ". I shake my head gently and use the written medium, reasonable co reserved for fools and men. "We can not drive around with a dead dog in this heat." "Oh, they do, SIM," said Nana tone is so little. But then we were allowed to bury Godzilla and Dick Cheney together if our dresses subtle reference to Jackie-O. "The dog will dissolve in the water table! Is that what you want? Buddy Bits floating in daiquiri Father O'Reilly when you visit? "Simmie Harrumphs realize that outnumbered. "Well," takes a drag from his cigarette. "Pala is in the garage." An hour later, dusty, disheveled and lightly scented with formaldehyde, Mimi and I stop for pasta in Westwood. She buys a movie star map from a street vendor and studied at the restaurant table, the waiter brings the wine. "I always wanted to do this," she laughs. "Hmmm. Cher, Barbara Streisand, Robert De Niro damn! "She turns the map and the striking of red wine on her dress and mine. Through us, Jacqueline Smith of Charlie's Angels offers me a "very bad" grimace.Back in the car, with bright red spots came through our bras and look like extras in a scene escaped soap opera that weave through Bel Air, as Mimi navigate the map. "House of James Stewart on the right, hmm. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, turn here, turn here. Blast! Turn around. I have to get a picture in front of Liz Taylor. "" Liz Taylor? The Glove One of a number of friends? "" Oh, yes, smiling now, but when you roll the obituary, "lifting a finger after another. "National Velvet. Father of the bride. Cleopatra, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof frikin! I'll have a photo of me in the place of Liz, one of the truly great. "We park down the street.Mimi poses in front of the iron gates. "Do not let the wine stain. Oh, Damn It! "For 20 minutes we trample flowers in search of your contact lens until a security cruise dark blue pull-up, and a mechanical voice advises us to move along.Back in a wave of car citations in the windshield. "Bel Air Street Sweeping Day," says Mimi. "Whoa," whistle. "$ 227 dollars." Sigh, click your seat belt, and we had a lush way back to Beverly Rodeo Drive Hills.The clerks have the ability to calculate their likely wise net, coinciding with its potential commission itself, the faster you can clean your doorstep. If your self-presentation includes formaldehyde, garden soil and red wine, you will gain an aspiration that says, "I frown, with the exception of Botox." After compressing, cords, and locking myself in thirty-two dresses at six different locations, they offer, "You know, Mimi, this is not a garden wedding dance ball." She rolls her eyes and we are back in the car to drive 90 minutes from Newport Beach. We turn to the Jolly Rogers on Balboa Island refortify ourselves with burgers, fries, daiquiris and hot chocolate cakes. Then, with restored optimism for alcohol, chocolate and fat hit Fashion Island in Newport storms Beach.Mimi glass shops bright as Generalissimo Franco. I still limp as a survivor of the March death thinking if my son was not in the Catholic school I could just live in sin.I m 'in the dressing room in a strapless bra and panties white bikini as she speeds, a crude semi-sparkling number in his arms. She glides over my head, smooths down, then you do not like the chorus of angels singing Alleluia mirror.A. Bluebirds fly with taped roundabouts baby white roses. Pink gold light breaks through the roof of sprayed asbestos. White butterfly kisses my cheeks, and hair twirling fairies. "A miracle!" Sighs Mimi. "You need a bra," says sales lady shoes and dollar signs in their day eyes.Wedding arrives. My pre-ceremony to relax in the tub went down the drain after a valet ran over the cat, my word of honor new era MIA, the first guest arrived an hour early and managed to stop up a toilet and a strained up your breakfast in the guest bathroom floor. Then we all had to pitch-after florist flaked out. However, the backyard of my parents was the movie-perfect game when the violins, harps and flutes began to play as Dad and I wander past hundred people in white chairs, a canopy of flowers.I to look up in my Gregory Peck, as promised with hope and expectation. Smile for the dress, "elegant". Then I realize that in this anxious, weak party in the world, and magic and celebrations are always worth the effort. Secretly, I pledge allegiance to the Brigade of foam as the audience leans forward to share in a dream. "I," I say. "I do.

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