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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling

I read that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by JK Rowling was renamed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the United States. I'm not sure why.Anyway, the copy in my local library was a British edition, though I do not know why, because I am located in the United States and undoubtedly the library could have purchased many American editions of these books of course now . Of, by now everyone has heard reading the Harry Potter books. Although supposedly for children, who are widely read for the first adults.This has a clear appeal to children, however. It is obvious that Ms. Rowling kept its tongue firmly in cheek and have fun creating magical versions of the real "world.I have been very busy, so this is the first and only series I've read. I suspect that if I read it from the beginning, I would not be one of the fans. As is probably the time to read the rest of the series, assuming that you put the first book better.This not bad. It's kind of fun. There is adventure. I just do not get so caught up in the feeling of the characters. I guess that can come later, when the books get longer and more severe in tone.There 's much about Quidditch, a game played by witches riding brooms magic. Clearly the intention of playing with the obsession of the British and American schools for sports like football and everything riding brooms soccer.The shows perhaps my complaint with the magic world of fiction Rowling. It is so British - British exclusively. Are there no wise men in the United States, China or Brazil? Where magical traditions have little to do with the eye of newt, flying broomsticks and other things, as it seems pretty silly. You should wear layers of modern witches and cauldrons and wands purchase before attending the school of magic? Somehow, this book is an extensive joke.I do admit, however, that the creation of the entire series with the death of the parents of Potter and his magical lightning diversion intended to kill him when he was a baby, was a masterstroke. And from what I heard, the series does not fulfill the promise to address the long Harry against Voldemort, once you've learned enough in school, suppose.Perhaps it was because he was a baby when he died, or because he is still disoriented by the discovery that is famous in this magical world, but often does not seem Potter seriously.If role were a kung fu, had become obsessed by the desire to desire to master the magic so he could kill the villain who killed his parents. Instead, it is his friend Hermione who seems determined to learn everything, as he is a typical boy who would rather be flying on her broom to the study of magic herb formulas.Perhaps, by the time I read the whole series in a few years I will appreciate this introduction much more I can do it now.

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