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Good Friday, The Day Hell Froze Over!_1

Friday: Hell froze Day is time to discover you true power of Christ Read on to discover how …! Hell froze the day! Now it is time we understood that Good Friday is called "good" for a reason? What was that? Since the Good Friday Jesus left his body on the cross, and passing over this life to the next war, made with Satan. And no war without end, but the war with victory in mind. And the victory of our Lord did, because in this Good Friday, some 2000 years ago-that the Lord did engage in battle with Satan, making short work of him and his henchmen. In particular, when he left the cross, our Lord, together with their armies of heaven, hell rode their white horses and conquered the underworld! Our Lord first conquered Satan, casting him into the abyss and sealed there. Then, after depositing with him the other fallen angels, broke the gates of hell that had for so long captive saints after death throughout the Old Testament.

Then, as he crossed the threshold into what had been the kingdom of Satan, "frozen hell" as the light of Christ fills that place and became Paradise. As our Lord then appeared paradise called His saints, as he did Lazarus while he was on earth, and out of their dungeon cells came upon all the saints of old, in the light of his Lord and God Jesus Christ. And so it was that "hell froze." And the light shone, even in the depths of hell. Then came the freedom to mankind on this Good Friday 2000 years ago. To learn more about this great truth and what it means for you in your daily walk with the Lord, contact us today. You can register for more information on our website Meanwhile, our God and Lord, Jesus Christ, who first and for all humanity has completed the circuit of the underworld, his light will shine on you. In this love of Christ, Pastor Paul :) ***** (c) Copyright - Paul Rakowicz. All rights reserved.

Friday ******: Hell froze the day!

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