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Dog Food Secrets - Find Out the Secrets of Dog Food Manufacturers

A lot of dog owners are unaware that some commercial dog foods purchased are in fact very harmful to your dog. These foods store bought dog are slowly killing your dog, these dog food produced by unscrupulous manufacturers who only seek short cuts so they can reap greater benefits in the cost of the life of your dog. Being a dog owner myself I had to know what was good for my dog, after all, my dog ​​is just another part of the family as far as I'm concerned. What I managed to find was shocking to say the least and I would even say that these dog food secrets are hidden well and truly public knowledge.Generally public perception is that the more expensive a product is higher quality and better for you that the product should be. Not true! We have also put a lot of faith in expensive television ads we see that the promise of giving the land to our dogs, but is really just talk like a salesman trying to convince to part with their hard earned money. Many of these companies claim to have the most nutritious dog food that is available, but take a close look at the can label the next time, does it follow the fiber 30%, 40% protein and 30% carbohydrate guidelines ? I seriously doubt it. Not only that, but many times the cooking process these dog food companies use actually destroys all the vitamins and important nutrients must be present in all natural food manufacturers today do not go foods.Dog lengths to ensure your dog food lasts longer there, giving the impression that will last longer so it should be the best, but would really like to eat food that has been made to last longer by using of many chemicals as possible to achieve this goal? I know why you would not do it your dog? So after adding all these chemicals to make food "last forever" realize that the final product is not known very well as you could imagine what would now be added the artificial flavors and enhancers to cover the chemical taste, so I hope you dog will eat it. The dog food industry is full of little secrets dog food that make you sick.To learn more about dog food secrets feared that these companies keep a couple of minutes and visit the website below.

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