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Different Types of Luxury Bedding Ensembles

This article is intended to help the reader find out more about the quality, price and availability of luxury bedding ensembles. It is natural to visit the nearest large-chain name bedding store that one could think of. Apparently, they offer two different collections of elegant luxury bedding ensembles. Now these won't set you back by tens of thousands of dollars like the limited edition bedding sets from a high quality manufacturer. These will only set you back by a few hundred dollars or so - at the most. The author is sure you won't be able to tell much difference. One can find the Viscaya Sheet Set and the Viscaya Comforter set by Tommy Bahama. Both sets are sold separately but meant to match and complement each other. The sheet sets are truly luxurious with a 400 thread count per inch. Both collections are 100% Pima cotton and come in Queen and King Size.The Kathy Ireland Company also comes to mind when one thinks of luxury bedding ensembles and kind. These come in nine and ten piece sets in a wide variety of color schemes and designs. The styles offered are traditional, country, western and exotic. The centerpiece offered on their main web page - however - is something called City D茅cor. The design comes in charcoal and off-white with a continuous barred and banded clover leaf stylistic pattern. The bedding does appear to be very "fat

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