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Aquarius Reveals the Cosmic Journey for the Year

My promise to you from the beginning of the Age of Aquarius is that my kingdom would be one of transparency, which would be in "the know". With that contract cosmic with you, I want to reveal what took place at the vernal equinox or spring, as it gives the forecast for the entire zodiac year 2011-HemispheresFirst 2012.Integrate the two, as facilitator of the signs of the zodiac , I wanted everyone to start thinking globally, includes all inhabitants of Mother Earth. So far, the Vernal or spring equinox was thought to be the beginning of the year of the zodiac, as it was for the spring. However, that really only applies to the northern hemisphere, where astrology was invented by astronomers in what is now known as southern Iraq. What about the southern hemisphere, the vernal equinox or March 20, 2011 the equinox? Not fall, spring and Equinoxes SolsticesIf we want to be in the world, we must begin to include the southern hemisphere as well. Instead of spring or autumn equinox, begin to refer to the March equinox October. It's the same with the solstices, stop summer and winter solstices, as of June and December solstices. That alone will begin to end the separation of the two hemispheres and begin to integrate Trek them.Continuous So that was my first message to be included. Mother Earth does not start the walk year of operation with the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and then start again when your trip turns to spring in the southern hemisphere. It is a continuum of trek.Goddess LoveFor ​​the next 2100 years, whereas I am the facilitator of the signs of the zodiac, when I enter the cosmic stage, January 20 to February 18, I will give the address of the signs of other eleven zodiac a year that will end when it becomes my only time again.That began this year when the Sun is no longer travels through a band of God's will, but is traveling through a strip of cosmos that is overshadowed by the goddess of love. How I can know that, because the essence of this stretch of the cosmos is the quality of care. That's a very definite feminine quality, which can be accepted by both male and female organs. However, this quality is most often developed by mothers who care for their young. And this is a quality that not only humans, but to all inhabitants of Mother Earth will develop this year.Now No, December 21, 2012This deliver to the goddess of love was scheduled for Winter Solstice 2012, but it has happened this year in 2011, in the March Equinox. But then, time is always more difficult to predict. There were several different ideas as to when the Age of Aquarius would begin from 2000 to 2008, and even 600 years from now. However, I began my reign in overturning 1994.Facilitate Zodiac SignsAs facilitators zodiac signs, with the goddess of love now at the head, I knew immediately what to do. I would have to help each zodiac sign do what God's will made in delivering the goddess of love. I would have to provide each zodiac sign entering its feminine aspect, emphasizing the care of each sign.I started with Pisces, not Aries AriesI not wait to begin this process, which began with Pisces. We have a very good relationship, because Pisces was turned to me, that took almost 150 years. So when I forwarded to Pisces the goddess of love was at the head, Pisces, was just captivated. After all, one of the two dominant energies Pisces is love. So far, Pisces had been transmitting the love of ideals out of you, a God in the highest, for your country, religion and Goddess relationship.Moon Taking LeadNot idealized romantic this year, however, began broadcasting Pisces the goddess of love energy directly to you. The Goddess of the Moon was there helping me make this transition Pisces, after all, it was not long ago that the old man on the moon withdrew driving the Goddess of the Moon to take the initiative. Pisces, the fish is a hermaphrodite and only slipped into his feminine side in a very loving way.Become LeaderNow care of His own who are in Aries, the ram, and is becoming more the Goddess Aries sheep. Aries has been the pioneer in the lead for so long for others, especially in politics and the military, is a good change, that's for sure. Now, instead of leading others, about being the leader of their own, and not in a disciplined militant. It is becoming a leader herself with self-care. Appeals to the mother that you care, love you. The pioneer which takes you to discover yourself, which is more difficult because you really only have their internal senses, especially their feelings, to guide you in your inner journey. It is easier to handle and care for what you can see, that's tangible.Aquarius is Co-LeadersThe About Age of Aquarius is closely co-leaders, not leaders and followers, as in civilization patriarch. However, unless one has become a leader himself, co-leadership can not and can not work. If people do not care about themselves enough to become your own leader and take charge of your own life, can not think of the other leaders during this time. My vision is that every sign you care enough for themselves to actually become their own home leader.December solstice Those who are able to do this, then will join the ranks of the co-leaders with Aquarius, January, 2012 . In the December solstice, there will be an introduction to each person who became the leader of themselves, is a journey. If they do this year, will have another chance next year. Pioneers but will be there for April December Solstice.Moon MoonYou'll Goddess know more about Aries is to do this at home of the goddess moon, new moon and full. That's when the goddess of the moon will attract Aries intuitive in nature. New Moon Goddess of the Moon is Sunday April 3, 7:32 am PDT. Full Moon also the Goddess of the Moon is Sunday, April 17, 19:44 PDT, which is still in Aries sovereignty.Follow LeadFollow This year the initiative this year to become the leader of yourself in a way affectionate and loving. You may think you are selfish and be alone. Instead, you will begin to connect with others who are in the journey carefully. Imagine, the co-leaders trained by people who care so much about themselves to themselves lead to love.

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