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Alleviating IBS

2012-07-20 parašė pollyu

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is considered a common disorder that affects the intestines. Common symptoms include stomach pain, bloating, gas, cramping and certain abnormalities in bowel habits. Constipation is very common that some patients with irritable bowel syndrome, while others tend to experience diarrhea. Still there are some who suffer from both. Eating foods high in fiber can help control IBS symptoms however, must be introduced into the body slowly, because it can trigger IBS symptoms. You can also help patients with irritable bowel syndrome can have a high fiber diet low-fat/high this can help them eliminate constipation. Twenty to thirty-five grams of fiber included in the daily diet can help control the symptoms of IBS. Foods rich in fiber and fluids You can find fiber in particular cereals, bran, cereals, fruits, breads and vegetables. Similarly there are also foods that are rich in soluble fiber, such as peas, beans and oats are also to help manage constipation and diarrhea.

An advice for patients with IBS: Always read food labels, especially in the purchase of grain and bread to ensure that they are made from whole grain or whole. The same goes for the meat dishes make sure you add fiber, like beans, oatmeal, bran, pinto beans, black-eyed peas and beans. If you're buying ready to eat cereals make sure they contain at least five grams of fiber. If the gas pain can also be purchased over the counter anti-gas pills. And of course do not forget to drink plenty of fluids. If you can follow the recommended eight glasses of fluid per day, then all the better. As for the liquids that can take water, fruit juices and beverages, including decaffeinated. Also, take note of cases where they usually experience symptoms of IBS. Keep track of the foods you eat during that time and try not to eat again. If you can keep a food diary to help control IBS and then do it. If you're used to eating large portions of food per meal then divide into smaller meals instead. Drink multi-vitamin and mineral supplements, especially those with one hundred percent U.S. prescribed (RDI or RDI) may also help control IBS. But like any medication it is important to consult your doctor or dietitian before taking any medicine on it. So when you factor in the fiber supplement is essential to consult a doctor.

To avoid eating more to try to eat slow food to properly digest food. Try to enjoy your meal. And refrain from caffeinated beverages and alcohol that can cause diarrhea. Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS outbreaks outbreaks requires low-fiber/low residue diet especially if it is diarrhea. There are certain foods that tend to loosen the stool. Try to avoid these types of foods, especially if you have diarrhea. You may try to choose a different type of food or you can even adjust the temperature of food to help relieve diarrhea. These suggestions are not guaranteed to work in the same manner for all patients with IBS. Some may find relief and not others. Just to be safe to try to always consult their doctors before trying some new methods to control the symptoms of IBS. Information on dry cuticles can be found at the site of the Health and Nutrition Tips.

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Compare to pick out perfect Mobile phone plans !

2012-07-19 parašė pollyu

The rate of mobile phones may be the best decision based on network coverage, telephone and the rate in the UK. Before finding out what the tariffs that work for you, you need to compare all the plans of the rate offered by different networks in the United Kingdom. Without doubt, the most significant would be covered by the network. You can ask your close friends and colleagues using the mobile phone network in areas where you want to use your mobile phone. The choice of a wrong plan mobile network can cost extra money each month. In an effort to attract more customers, networks offer a wide range of phone free to choose. So with your tariff, you can choose a free phone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, etc, with high technology features. They are just as smart and efficient. Their phones are capable of meeting any demands telephone users. Although the choice of a network service or fee is necessary to compare the plans offered by different networks. You will find plans with free minutes or free texts. There are five mobile networks to choose from: O2, T-Mobile, Orange, 3 and Vodafone. You must select a tariff that suits you and your communication or business needs. There are some networks that allow you to buy packages of minutes early and take advantage of reduced rate calls or just pay for the calls you make.

Good customer service is what you expect after recording to any service plan. It also helps if you have any questions about the plan. So talk to their friends about their experiences with the network to be selected. So do plenty of research to be at the rate that best suits your needs and usage.

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Deploying Dynamics GP in Warehouse SCM, Barcode highlights

2012-05-16 parašė pollyu

Many companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP or formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics are moving in the decision to automate its warehouse operations and supply chain management in its corporate ERP platform of choice. We'd like to paper introduction, which discusses various options. Warehouse Management System, Logistics and SCM are not easy to get through the decision-making, choosing the correct Dynamics GP ISV and submit to the implementation phase. Please be prepared to do your homework. However, if you're proactive, you can see demonstrations of WMS, pick the consulting partner and go all the way to changing its Warehouse Management System in production. Let 抯 start with the section of WMS selection: 1.Warehouse Management System software development companies are trying to apply two strategies. First would be to launch a self-sufficiency WMS with options to connect or integrate the major ERP, MRP or accounting platforms, where GP is definitely on the list of candidates. This approach could be compared with the "luxury" of having way of doing things. External WMS usually large number of facilities in the U.S., Canada or internationally, but his method of integration may require spending extra money on the implementation of WMS integration and custom tuning. You may also feel they are a sort of suggested to pay for the same functionality (which already has distribution in all Great Plains modules: Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Control, list of materials). External WMS has rich business logic is compatible with most bar code scanning and marking of the label printer (Symbol, Zebra, HP, Motorola, etc), plus it is a pioneer in RFID technology? All these things are voting for the approach. That 抯 now listen to opponents

2.Warehouse Management Extensions for GP. These products, or rather extensions are based on technologies of the Great Plains native, as the skill, eConnect, SQL scripts directly. With the extensions that have the opposite dilemma, as they are only available for GP and have to match their market presence with the number of installations of Microsoft Dynamics GP. WMS Extensions do not require you to pay twice for the business processes and similar procedures (to be available as part of the stage of the application). Please read our publications on Microsoft Dexterity, eConnect, Alba Spectrum Order connector technology. That 抯 now to barcode scanners, RFID scanners 3.Barcode, from vendors such as Symbol, Motorola, Metrologic, Wasp, Datalogic, Intermec, barcode generator, systemid, The Boys of point of sale and other suppliers. It may sound like a dilemma? It is not easy to choose the scanner that will serve you for years to come. You should ask the WMS consultant first. If you plan to have large numbers of readers with a moderate budget, can be considered compatible with the text mode, where Alba Spectrum WMS extensions must be supported. If you plan to implement RFID tags and readers, this requires consultation

4.Supply Chain Management. This topic is very diverse. For example, we are pleased to offer delivery truck route optimization and time-coded in Great Plains Dexterity. The skill that can be opened for you virtually any form of barcode or RFID scanning and reading 5.For additional information, please feel free to call 1-866-528-0577 or 1-630-961 - 5918 (this number works for International customers) or email us ~ ~ V serve U.S. / Canada nationwide via remote support (web sessions and telephone conferences / Skype). Local service is available in western Michigan, Chicago, Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego), area of ​​Houston Texas Andrew Karasev, Great Plains Dynamics Certified Master GP eEnterprise, Microsoft MVP and consultant with 10 years experience and more knowledge. Alba 866 Corporation, 1-866-528-0577, If you are thinking of deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP in the difficult environment, we recommend that you give us a call. Our information portal is Pegas Planet

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Wedding Shoes - 5 Things to Consider For the Plus Size Bride.

2012-04-29 parašė pollyu

I know one thing I wish there was more thought to my wedding was the wedding shoes. I had found a very nice pair of satin ballet shoes style. I'm tall and my husband, well … not so high. I tried that and they did fit, but really do not consider the fact that I was going to spend a lot of time on my feet, walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, dancing at the reception, etc. .. . Not only that, but when you're a plus size bride is even more challenging to stand for long periods of time, especially in the wrong shoes. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you choose the shoes wedding day wisely. 1. If you have never worn high heels in her life, her wedding day is not the best time to test it. Yes they are nice, but there are plenty of flat-heeled shoes on, they are so beautiful. 2. About ten days or so before the big day, got his new shoes and walk in them a little each day to break in, do not use to go shopping or anywhere where I could get dirty or damaged, around the inside your home.

3. Consider adding a pair of orthopedic shoes to the wedding. Now have some mix very well in open toe shoes or sandals of style. 4. Could be a good idea to take along an extra pair of shoes you wear and that you know are comfortable. Change them at reception if you plan to do a lot of high-steppin '. 5. Do not forget to choose the right shoes for the venue of your wedding. Outdoors in a grassy area that has moisture can stain certain shoes. (Not to mention the bottom of her wedding dress). The same goes for the beach. You can definitely find the perfect pair of wedding shoes to be stylish and comfortable. You really can have both if you plan ahead. Jackie Shumpert is the owner of several websites and blogs. If you found this article useful, please visit: Plus Size Wedding Dress Plus - Find the Perfect.

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Run It Up College Coaches

2012-04-19 parašė pollyu

Statistics, trends and betting angles of all the factors in the analysis of disability. Another factor to consider is the coaching. There are coaches in both pro and college football make up the difference on a consistent basis. For the most part, coaches do not take into account the point spread for each game, and certainly rarely talk about it. Former Washington coach Rick Neuheisel was fired because he was playing a college basketball tournament pool at school, so you will never find a coach saying, "We hope to cover the number of weekend . "However, it is important to understand why certain coaches often covered, and why some are up to ATS continuously. Much of the adjustments is the preparation, organization and in the game. Football is the organization of 30-40 players each week to perform at a high level and that's not easy to do. Winning the Super Bowl as coach Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick and Bill Walsh can do this. They are able to maximize the strengths of a team, has a talent for teaching, and get the most out of the athletes and their teams.In addition, some coaches, particularly those with good offensive minds, earning a reputation for operating punctuation. They do it to get to a game, of course, or to help your team rankings in the polls. When Jimmy Johnson was in Miami Florida, I remember a game where you deliberately raised the rating of Notre Dame, winning 58-7 on national television, because I needed a boost in the polls for a shot at a national title game in the bowls. Here's a look at some current coaches consistently cover or have a career-it-up reputation.June Jones (Hawaii): I do not think Jones is running the way qualifying this season, but be impressed with its run and shoot offense. All that is behind QB Colt Brennan click with the top team in scoring and passing. There was criticism of Idaho 68-10 on Saturday and Brennan's NCAA-leading 33 touchdown passes. They beat New Mexico State 49-30 two weeks ago, I was on the heels of an impressive 68-37 victory at Fresno. Hawaii is 5-0-1 ATS this season because the explosive offense. Hawaii is also 5.12 spent his 17 home ATS games.Bobby Petrino (Louisville): Another brilliant teacher and offensive mind. The Cardinals averaged 43 points and more than 210 yards rushing and passing! With the fall of the USC, the deciding game between West Virginia and Louisville on Thursday will be the first clash between the top five Big East for reconstruction. Mountaineers, third-ranked and fifth-ranked Cardinals each moved up one place in the AP poll. Louisville is 22-12 ATS their last 34 games.Jim Tressel (Ohio State): Tressel has always preferred a balanced offense, but the last two seasons, has had many offensive weapons for the Buckeyes have been rising worldwide . They simply excluded from Minnesota 44-0. And that followed a 44-3 victory over Indiana, as the Buckeyes recorded their first back-to-back wins by 40 or more points since 1996. Ohio State has outscored opponents 161-17 in the last four games. Ohio State is 16-0 SU, 15-1 ATS their last 16 games! Indeed, the Buckeyes are 34-2 SU, 10/01/24 home ATS last 36 games.Frank Beamer (Virginia Tech): I do not feel sorry for the Hokies after losing two in a row to Georgia Tech and before Christ. They currently have a winning margin to mark this season after beating Southern Miss and Clemson the last two games. It is the third consecutive year that has had a winning mark ATS and is 23-9 ATS Beamer Virginia Tech last 32 games. They are also on track to have spread a brand of home win for the fourth straight game year.Steve Spurrier (South Carolina): The granddaddy of the race-it-up coaches still get the job done. His days in Florida was legendary, with several games that moved the ball and scored at the end of blowout wins. A game they were throwing the ball for a touchdown late in the last seconds to cover! Their cocks are also solid winners ATS. Despite the loss Tennessee Saturday, South Carolina is 5-2 ATS this season and 11-8 ATS since he's been there. Do not underestimate the value of above average coaches! Good luck, as always … Al McMordie.

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Dog Food Secrets - Find Out the Secrets of Dog Food Manufacturers

2012-04-11 parašė pollyu

A lot of dog owners are unaware that some commercial dog foods purchased are in fact very harmful to your dog. These foods store bought dog are slowly killing your dog, these dog food produced by unscrupulous manufacturers who only seek short cuts so they can reap greater benefits in the cost of the life of your dog. Being a dog owner myself I had to know what was good for my dog, after all, my dog ​​is just another part of the family as far as I'm concerned. What I managed to find was shocking to say the least and I would even say that these dog food secrets are hidden well and truly public knowledge.Generally public perception is that the more expensive a product is higher quality and better for you that the product should be. Not true! We have also put a lot of faith in expensive television ads we see that the promise of giving the land to our dogs, but is really just talk like a salesman trying to convince to part with their hard earned money. Many of these companies claim to have the most nutritious dog food that is available, but take a close look at the can label the next time, does it follow the fiber 30%, 40% protein and 30% carbohydrate guidelines ? I seriously doubt it. Not only that, but many times the cooking process these dog food companies use actually destroys all the vitamins and important nutrients must be present in all natural food manufacturers today do not go foods.Dog lengths to ensure your dog food lasts longer there, giving the impression that will last longer so it should be the best, but would really like to eat food that has been made to last longer by using of many chemicals as possible to achieve this goal? I know why you would not do it your dog? So after adding all these chemicals to make food "last forever" realize that the final product is not known very well as you could imagine what would now be added the artificial flavors and enhancers to cover the chemical taste, so I hope you dog will eat it. The dog food industry is full of little secrets dog food that make you sick.To learn more about dog food secrets feared that these companies keep a couple of minutes and visit the website below.

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Good Friday, The Day Hell Froze Over!_1

2012-04-10 parašė pollyu

Friday: Hell froze Day is time to discover you true power of Christ Read on to discover how …! Hell froze the day! Now it is time we understood that Good Friday is called "good" for a reason? What was that? Since the Good Friday Jesus left his body on the cross, and passing over this life to the next war, made with Satan. And no war without end, but the war with victory in mind. And the victory of our Lord did, because in this Good Friday, some 2000 years ago-that the Lord did engage in battle with Satan, making short work of him and his henchmen. In particular, when he left the cross, our Lord, together with their armies of heaven, hell rode their white horses and conquered the underworld! Our Lord first conquered Satan, casting him into the abyss and sealed there. Then, after depositing with him the other fallen angels, broke the gates of hell that had for so long captive saints after death throughout the Old Testament.

Then, as he crossed the threshold into what had been the kingdom of Satan, "frozen hell" as the light of Christ fills that place and became Paradise. As our Lord then appeared paradise called His saints, as he did Lazarus while he was on earth, and out of their dungeon cells came upon all the saints of old, in the light of his Lord and God Jesus Christ. And so it was that "hell froze." And the light shone, even in the depths of hell. Then came the freedom to mankind on this Good Friday 2000 years ago. To learn more about this great truth and what it means for you in your daily walk with the Lord, contact us today. You can register for more information on our website Meanwhile, our God and Lord, Jesus Christ, who first and for all humanity has completed the circuit of the underworld, his light will shine on you. In this love of Christ, Pastor Paul :) ***** (c) Copyright - Paul Rakowicz. All rights reserved.

Friday ******: Hell froze the day!

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GSA Contracting the World’s Biggest Spender

2012-04-07 parašė pollyu

The GSA Federal Supply Service awards more than $ 5 billion annually in goods and services under the GSA schedules program, possibly the greatest hiring activity in the United States. The Supervisory Authority is accountable to American taxpayers and dollar for agencies to maximize the size of government and the volume of spending to get the best amount of taxpayer dollars. The General Accounting Office U.S. has recommended that "the cost analysis GSA does to establish the list of award-Government (MAS), negotiation objective should start with the best discount to documents provider customers." The General Services Administration was founded with the aim of acquiring price of products and services that most directly on the basis of its evaluation of discounts, terms, conditions and concessions offered to commercial customers. GSA contract holders often wonder how to facilitate the processing of your contract offers under the legislated cost analysis. There are many factors involved, but on equal terms, the offer of the same dawn requires reducing the review and analysis so it is more likely to be completed quickly. This policy could easily be interpreted as saying: "Cave and give the government the most favored customer pricing even though it is not profitable because they remove the time faster."

Business Holding a GSA contract is the primary source, by law, for federal purchases. There are always products and services purchased outside of the GSA contract holders, but must be a reason to digest soaked for a formal recruitment for the open market purchase. They are strongly encouraged to work within the pool of GSA contractor. GSA contracting officers, buyers and sellers with the federal fucking soaked praise quick and easy to use. GSA contract companies are holding a database and so are their prices. If you were a contracting officer, would not you like to use the information available to you rather than starting from scratch? This is one of the biggest incentives for companies to seek their GSA contract. Working with a GSA Schedule contractor is preferred when a purchase of $ 25,000, as opposed to a public bidding process long and costly will be used by a procurement officer. The bidding process usually arises only if no qualified businesses holding GSA contract for your specific project. Many companies that offer their products or services to the federal government is requested by contracting officers to obtain a GSA Schedule contract to the company of the activity with your agency. The use of GSA contracts, with lists of pre-approved costs, is growing in popularity. Therefore, if your company is planning to make a pause in the world's largest market, the first step is the acquisition of a GSA contract.

GSA Schedule Services has over 5 years experience in contract services of the GSA and the federal proposal writing. Any company with a GSA contract has a great advantage when bidding on a federal project. GSA Contract Services can acquire a GSA contract for a company in less than 3 months.

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Car Alignment Wheel Alignment Pulling To One Side

2012-03-30 parašė pollyu

When the vehicle pulls to one side that is an indication that something is wrong. Often the problem can be fixed. It 抯 a matter of determining specifically where the problem is - brakes, uneven tire wear, tire pressure, or even a camber misalignment. Find out exactly what is happening with the alignment of your car is an auto repair mechanic qualified to do, not you.

The wheel alignment can be altered if there is too much camber on one side of a vehicle. This may occur for a variety of reasons such as weak springs, bent shaft, bent strut or other faults with the landing gear. Getting the alignment of your vehicle in good condition is essential for the life of your vehicle.

Of course, there are some other good reasons why a vehicle wheel alignment 抯 leaves that have nothing to do with the camber. This may be because the brakes are improperly adjusted brake drums or weak. It could also be a brake hose. Another factor is the uneven tire wear. If even one of the tires on your vehicle has carried out the discussions, there will be a slight pull in the direction of the tire. Tyre pressure air and strut bar brushing your suspension can also be guilty of faulty wheel alignment or car.

Can be uncomfortable to drive a car where the alignment of the wheels is continuously so that deviates to one side. It 抯 also very insecure. The only way to be 100 percent sure that the alignment of your vehicle to tilt the top is to visit an expert in car alignment. The sooner an expert auto mechanic qualified repair prior to stop worrying.

Car alignment is not right? Get expert advice wheel alignment technicians ASE certified auto repair today at (763) 441-2889 or go to for more information. Our auto repair shop in Elk River, MN proudly serves residents in the areas of Zimmerman and Otsego, Minnesota.

If you are looking for most reliable tire Zimmerman to find our car repair shop Elk River. Also provide alignment of the wheels Otsego for vehicle safety.

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How to Buy a Wedding Dress

2012-03-26 parašė pollyu

Desperate, with just days left to my second wedding, I can convince my younger sister elegant help me find something discreet and elegant, not frothy and smooth. Mimi lined up in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach stores, then kissed his fingertips as a chef of 5 stars "You'll have the perfect sweet morning." The next day, full of relief, and equipped Piqué in the immaculate white Chanel sunglasses and I pick-up of Mimi in a bright white convertible ready to compress this task on my to-do list. "Detour" Mimi jumps in the use of a color change to pink, with long blond hair in a ponytail. "The dog died and we have to pick it up at the vet and bury in the backyard of Nana." Your bracelet jingles while closing the car door. "It should not take long." Mimi pushes a CD of the Beach Boys and quickly-moving, California Girls. I turn on the ignition and looked stunned. "What?" He shrugs. "He was a rescue dog incontinence who enjoyed a long life, in poor condition." She surfs his hand. "Go." In the building of whitewashed concrete blocks, a teenager with greasy hair and an iPod pushes a cart of aluminum for the car. Buddy the dog is in the car involved in visquine and stiff as a silver tray of drinks. Its tail points out, as the whistles of their fellow signal.The address Jimmie Hendrix and angles the dog in the back small, then gives the car a couple of slaps strong and we reach half salute.We our grandmother's house and walk-in with the dog of a package. "No you girls very pretty," says Nana, looking at our package. "We're going to Beverly Hills to find a wedding dress Suzanne. And Buddy died. "Mimi music changes the favorite aunt of Frank Sinatra record Simmie. "Since we do not have a yard, thought to be buried in a patch of land down the alley," she nods her head in the image window. "Do not you dare!" Aunt Simmie rockets-up from the couch and she just lit waves fresh menthol. "Animals will dig it!" Chilla ". Simmie ". I shake my head gently and use the written medium, reasonable co reserved for fools and men. "We can not drive around with a dead dog in this heat." "Oh, they do, SIM," said Nana tone is so little. But then we were allowed to bury Godzilla and Dick Cheney together if our dresses subtle reference to Jackie-O. "The dog will dissolve in the water table! Is that what you want? Buddy Bits floating in daiquiri Father O'Reilly when you visit? "Simmie Harrumphs realize that outnumbered. "Well," takes a drag from his cigarette. "Pala is in the garage." An hour later, dusty, disheveled and lightly scented with formaldehyde, Mimi and I stop for pasta in Westwood. She buys a movie star map from a street vendor and studied at the restaurant table, the waiter brings the wine. "I always wanted to do this," she laughs. "Hmmm. Cher, Barbara Streisand, Robert De Niro damn! "She turns the map and the striking of red wine on her dress and mine. Through us, Jacqueline Smith of Charlie's Angels offers me a "very bad" grimace.Back in the car, with bright red spots came through our bras and look like extras in a scene escaped soap opera that weave through Bel Air, as Mimi navigate the map. "House of James Stewart on the right, hmm. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, turn here, turn here. Blast! Turn around. I have to get a picture in front of Liz Taylor. "" Liz Taylor? The Glove One of a number of friends? "" Oh, yes, smiling now, but when you roll the obituary, "lifting a finger after another. "National Velvet. Father of the bride. Cleopatra, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof frikin! I'll have a photo of me in the place of Liz, one of the truly great. "We park down the street.Mimi poses in front of the iron gates. "Do not let the wine stain. Oh, Damn It! "For 20 minutes we trample flowers in search of your contact lens until a security cruise dark blue pull-up, and a mechanical voice advises us to move along.Back in a wave of car citations in the windshield. "Bel Air Street Sweeping Day," says Mimi. "Whoa," whistle. "$ 227 dollars." Sigh, click your seat belt, and we had a lush way back to Beverly Rodeo Drive Hills.The clerks have the ability to calculate their likely wise net, coinciding with its potential commission itself, the faster you can clean your doorstep. If your self-presentation includes formaldehyde, garden soil and red wine, you will gain an aspiration that says, "I frown, with the exception of Botox." After compressing, cords, and locking myself in thirty-two dresses at six different locations, they offer, "You know, Mimi, this is not a garden wedding dance ball." She rolls her eyes and we are back in the car to drive 90 minutes from Newport Beach. We turn to the Jolly Rogers on Balboa Island refortify ourselves with burgers, fries, daiquiris and hot chocolate cakes. Then, with restored optimism for alcohol, chocolate and fat hit Fashion Island in Newport storms Beach.Mimi glass shops bright as Generalissimo Franco. I still limp as a survivor of the March death thinking if my son was not in the Catholic school I could just live in sin.I m 'in the dressing room in a strapless bra and panties white bikini as she speeds, a crude semi-sparkling number in his arms. She glides over my head, smooths down, then you do not like the chorus of angels singing Alleluia mirror.A. Bluebirds fly with taped roundabouts baby white roses. Pink gold light breaks through the roof of sprayed asbestos. White butterfly kisses my cheeks, and hair twirling fairies. "A miracle!" Sighs Mimi. "You need a bra," says sales lady shoes and dollar signs in their day eyes.Wedding arrives. My pre-ceremony to relax in the tub went down the drain after a valet ran over the cat, my word of honor new era MIA, the first guest arrived an hour early and managed to stop up a toilet and a strained up your breakfast in the guest bathroom floor. Then we all had to pitch-after florist flaked out. However, the backyard of my parents was the movie-perfect game when the violins, harps and flutes began to play as Dad and I wander past hundred people in white chairs, a canopy of flowers.I to look up in my Gregory Peck, as promised with hope and expectation. Smile for the dress, "elegant". Then I realize that in this anxious, weak party in the world, and magic and celebrations are always worth the effort. Secretly, I pledge allegiance to the Brigade of foam as the audience leans forward to share in a dream. "I," I say. "I do.

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